Saturday, March 31, 2007

Let There Be (More) Light

Rocky Balboa may have said "let there be light" but God someone else said it before him. a chance meeting with someone on the way home from work tonight prompted this post. i don't mind sitting next to strangers on public transport, and even engaging them in conversation, but sometimes you just don't click. the stranger to my left seemed normal enough. i'm not quite sure how we got from small talk (just finished work? stuff) to "describe the universe in one word."

yes, he was a christian. nice enough, i suppose, but with a slightly odd sense of humour. an invititation to an easter service was extended with a leaflet with church times and what they get up to, fundraising and other good deeds. he told me the universe existed for love, four letters, and wanted me to accept Jesus into my life.
do you believe that Jesus died and rose 3 days later to save you from your sins?

from the point of view of a lapsed catholic i asked him would it be so bad if i didn't. with a slight flicker of disappointment, he said it wasn't for him to judge, only God could do that. he probably wouldn't have liked that i judged others to be bawbags (#1, #2). i don't really see the problem in judging others. of course keep an open mind, but call a spade a spade, or a bawbag a bawbag.

it must be nice to have that belief that is so strong, you want to share it with others. to believe that when you die, you will go to heaven, if you have lived a good life. this could have been a good time to tell him about my flashlight beliefs, didn't think he would like that though (maybe worshipping false gods). i don't have that faith. instead, i like to think of myself as an undercover buddhist. the idea of reincarnation seems more appealing, rather than the heaven or hell option.

years ago i visited a faith group and was felt a little claustrophobic when people came up to talk to me. i had the distinct impression that they didn't really want to but felt they would go to hell otherwise.

i love the art of religion. images, music (organ, sprituals, not the happy-clappy stuff) and the smell of incense and candles. i can also laugh at irreverent humour, which my travelling companion probably wouldn't have, such as these:

check out more of the cartoons at

is it not enough to live a good life, for the sake of being good? to talk to you neighbour on a bus, for the hell of it and not to save them? that little voice you hear in your head is that God talking to you?


Vicious Summer said...

Holy crap! I could have written the post above myself... :)

I can't even begin to tell you how feed up I am with people trying to "save" me (and if they're not trying to save me, then they are trying to sell me something or hump my leg...). So let me get this right...I live a fullfilling and extremely happy life (without the help of prescription drugs), I know right from wrong, I help people, animals and even insects, every chance I get. I donate to those less fortunate then me, I walk old ladies across the street AND...I'm going to hell because I have not accepted "Jesus into my heart". Yeahhhhhhhh. You can keep your religion if Jesus is that much of a megalomaniac. Let's talk about something that is actually interesting and doesn't make me laugh out loud (which would probably insult Jesus in some way and we'll all die in a fiery bus crash.)

I say, "Let there be light and we all will worship Bulbboy!!!!!!"! It makes more sense to me then worshiping a storybook character...:D

Bulbboy said...

~ "Let there be light and we all will worship Bulbboy!!!!!!" ~

Oh dear, maybe I'm going to hell after all. =P

Lever said...

Praise be to Bulbboy.