Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tom Conti, Naked (Romantic Comedy)

for my birthday, Bulbgirl took me to see romantic comedy, a play directed by, and starring one of scotland's best loved actors, Tom Conti. she surprised me on the way there, as we were supposed to be going to the cinema. calling her bluff i said aww, i was looking forward to american gangster. her face dropped, and i smiled saying only kidding. she's easily fooled that way. i was fooled too, but should with hindsight, have guessed: not once, but twice, in the preceding week did she mention Tom Conti, apparently to find out if i thought he was a good actor. Bulbgirl also told me that she had a secret she wanted to tell me, she's not very good at keeping secrets.

after a quick hot chocolate at starbucks and a detour to the Theatre Royale, instead of cineworld, we found our seats and settled in. no trailers like the cinema, but there was someone in the balcony above rustling sweetie wrappers. at least popcorn wasn't allowed in.

it's been ages since i saw a play, being more used to jumping in to the cinema. what struck me was the american accents, done by all the cast. one or two slipped during the performance, but on the whole were pretty good. it brought back memories of staging end of year musicals at school when everyone had to do an american accent (with varying degrees of success). i think that the play would have been fine with just scottish accents. it must take a fair amount of concentration to keep up an accent when that energy could be directed into the performance, Bulbgirl disagrees.

pretty early on Conti, playing a playwright, makes a naked appearance, but he happened to be carrying a massage table, convering his bits. whether he was really naked, only he and the people in the right hand balcony will know. he later revealed his pasty white legs near the end , and while his body isn't quite as athletic as a tennis player, an in-joke in the play, he's in not too bad shape for a 66 year old.

there was only a cast of 6, and the leading lady, Kate Atkinson did a great job. she is actually australian but i didn't guess. Eleanor David, who plays Blanche, had the best american accent.

unaccustomed as i am to theatre going, it was great that the play was slightly self referential, centred on two playwrights, unsynchronised passion, and what it takes to make a play successful. there was even a line where Conti says that ushers tend not to watch play but just talk loudly in the lobby. i wonder if the ushers at the Theatre Royale will watch the show.

at one point, it seemed that Conti had doubled over in an unplanned fit of the giggles, and it was contagious, the audience started laughing not knowing if he was acting or doing it for real. unless you're watching a documentary, that's not something you can get at the cinema.

which do you prefer?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It’s My God Damn Birthday!

this worked for another someone i know so i thought i'd try it. :)

32 years ago today, Graham Hill (pictured left) the motor racing driver was killed in a plane crash in England.
32 years ago today, the name "Micro-soft" (for microcomputer software) was used by Bill Gates in a letter on the 29th november (so says Wikipedia).
32 years ago today, Bulbboy was born (don't remember which hour i was born on).

Bulbgirl already gave me a card with a talking Yoda saying "At 900 years of age, look as good you will not."

if you don't leave a comment i might cry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Herbal Medicine

it's that time of year when everybody is coughing and spluttering and talking about the bugs and colds that are doing the rounds. most people i know have had an awful cold, but i have managed to dodge it. how could i be so fortunate?

my immune system was quite low a few months back, a midge bit me and my forearm swelled quite considerably, not what you want happening during Scottish midge season. coupled with the usual body pains i get it wasn't much fun, so i went to see a herbalist. even though it didn't fix the rest of me, the unexplained sore skin was alleviated a little. also the herbal medicine treatments that i received seem to have boosted my immune system to ward off the usual bout off flu like ailments - thank goodness.

as well as being a herbalist, Erika also sings. you can hear her sing lion's shadow. i was really impressed.