Saturday, May 05, 2007

Scottish Election Results 2007

Scottish Parliament results:

SNP: 47
Labour: 46
Tories: 17
Liberal Democrats: 16
Green: 1

i hope everyone voted.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

No Mortgage, Cash Purchase Only

today Bulbgirl and myself went to see a flat slap bang in the middle of Glasgow. we want to move there, and leave the lovely view of the Erskine bridge behind, but need to sort out financing first. the problem though is that it looks to be a cash only purchase. does this flag up warning bells to you? the selling agent said that was only one surveyor's report, and another surveyor might think differently.

the property we were looking at does needs some work, actually quite a lot of work. its been empty for a few years and is in a state of considerable disrepair. this is all the more appealing to me. Bulbgirl is a little more cautious though. taking on a project like this would mean being a lot more physically active, can my aching joints keep up? yes it would be a lot of work of work and my health isn't always the greatest but to have a focus, a goal to motivate oneself, is something doctors don't really recommend. they tend to just offer paracetemol.

i loved it. there is running water and electricity, what more could you want? a roof over your head, it has that too, although there might pigeons in the loft space. we never got access to that so can't be sure about it. there is an old safe, from the times when it belonged to a family of jewellers. the selling agent said that there was a rumour of diamonds buried under the floorboards. whether this was a ruse to get us on board is unknown, but i like the romantic notion of it.

i didn't measure it but workroom one is much bigger that the tiny house i posted previously. workroom two, i thought was a kitchen; it had a sink with running water, but was actually the sulphur room we were told. how cool would that be? naming you kitchen the sulphur room? i like places to have a little bit of history, and as you can see from the pic above it has bags of history. check out the little notes stuck to the wall, it's like a movie film set. there was even a reception (the most finished room in the flat).

a couple of gents who were also viewing the property were giving the selling agent some strange looks, mainly because he had make up around his eyes that hadn't been totally taken off. this was because he was also a jobbing actor and had a gig with mischief la bas before showing us around the property. the gents found it difficult to take their eyes off his 4-tones-darker-than-skin-colour makeup, as they didn't hear the story about what else he got up to. this can only go in our favour methinks.

we'll try and work something out and see what happens. if there are any lottery winners out there who wouldn't mind dropping £100,000 in our laps, feel free to do so. Bulbgirl and i would definitely put you up if you ever need a place to crash in Glasgow. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Downsizing Accomodation

rather than relocating (to another planet) another way of dealing with overpopulation and crowding is to shrink your living quarters. admittedly most developers are doing that nowadays anyway, to make more money rather than for any kind of environmental reasons i imagine. a lot of modern homes are more like hampster cages compared to the older style tenemant flats of yesteryear. one man has taken this idea and gone wild with it.

artist-builder Jay Shafer now lives in a home that is 70 feet square, smaller than many bathrooms! in the tiny abode he manages to squeeze in a kitchen, customised storage, a bed, office space, and a mini library (ok, well shelves). it even has a porch!

today i was fixing tiles in our bathroom today. Bulbgirl and i chose marble tiles for a small bathroom, but 3 tiles unfortunately broke. i had to scrape away the old fixing cement first which seemed to take ages, but thankfully it is done now. our bathroom has an area of 34.8 square feet. quite a small bathroom i would say, most of the space being taken up by the bath.

no mention is made of a bathroom or WC in Jay Shafer's house. i wonder where he spends all those pennies he saves on renting a larger property? :)

thanks to Shawn for showing me this. original source here.