Friday, October 20, 2006

Kitchen Worktop

we had a kitchen fitter in today, not to fit a kitchen but to fix a kitchen. the person who did the work before was supposed to be an electrician, plumber and joiner in one. bit of a tall order. i wasn't the one who hired this 'professional', but was just as disappointed as Bulbgirl to see the results. finding a decent tradesperson is difficult enough, but finding 3 in 1 would be nigh on impossible, IMHO.

instead we had a chap by the name of Scott Cook come in and install a new part of the worktop. he had a router and jig, and did the business. funny though when phoning around for a quotes from joiners that some didn't seem to own a router. call me stupid but if you are going to fit a kitchen, i would have thought that a router would be a pretty essential tool? suffice to say tradesperson number one didn't own a router and didn't even measure properly before sawing into our beech worktops. needless to say tears were shed, not mine though.

while talking with Scott the joiner, i found out that he didn't have a website and wanted to get on the net 'eventually'. so i found him a domain name and put a few details of his on there, coupled with a link to a blogger blog so that Scott can update it himself. maybe i will help him out more with it when my web design course progresses a little. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Danger Hot Bulb!

some people are regular radiators, that is they are warm all the time. my hands are usually pretty warm, and Bulbgirl's feet are usually pretty cold.

lately i seem to have been getting every cold and 'germ thing' going. my body temperature tonight was a little elevated. while watching an episode of the sopranos this evening, my hands were warming up Bulbgirl's foot.
your hands are nice and warm, she said.
i have a fever i replied. :P