Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Gargoyle Wings

here is a pic of my gargoyle wings. they protrude more than your average human's. imagine a cat walking along, how it's shoulder bladers slink in an out. mine can do that.

everyone's shoulder area moves to some extent, but these scapula of mine just go a little further than most. now only if they were useful and could grow a little more then i could glide on a windy day, an inbuilt gliding system if you will.

unfortunately the downside to having joint hypermobility, what the rheumatologist thinks i have, is the pain. lately everything seems to hurt, not enough to stop me getting about, but just enough to stop me enjoy getting about. an area of my left ribs has been threatening to pop or move out of place but hopefully it won't as it did before.

having always been a flexible kid i didn't think too much of the little niggling pains that plagued me day to day, but getting older (31 now) everything is getting a bit more pronounced. even if the wrists do get too sore to hold things in the future i'm sure the last thing that will be prised from my grip will be a flashlight. :)