Friday, July 21, 2006

Fibromyalgia Symptoms

my doctor thinks i have fibromyalgia. he thought of this when i gave him a little sketch of my body with crosses where the pain appears. with so many crosses the diagram looks a little like it has been used for target practice. "have you heard of it before" he asked. i'd heard the name but did not know nothing about it.

at the moment i'm still not totally convinced. although i do match a lot of the symptoms. it does seem to be quite vague. usually i have a mix of a lot of general aches and pains with some stabbing and shooting pains which can last a few seconds or for longer.

some reports seem to relate fibromyalgia to a lack of deep sleep. the doc gave me some pills to dull the pain and hopefully give me some restful sleep. normally i'm not one for taking any pills but i've tried quite a few things that haven't worked yet so i'll try these pills for 6 weeks and see.

the first few days have turned me into a pretty useless zombie and dulled my mind, so for anyone that knows me that is the reason. everything seems a little more bland though which is not a good feeling.