Friday, March 03, 2006

Light Fantastic

bulbboy was tripping the light fantastic yesterday.


if you didn't understand that let me fill you in.
for nearly two and a half years i've suffered from back pain.
an insole from a podiatrist was put into my left shoe,
and has been slowly altering my posture.

yesterday was the first day i did not suffer any back complaint whatsoever!
near the start of the day i noticed that things were not sore as they normally are.
it was a "light bulb moment", and from that moment on the rest of the day felt quite dreamy.
long may it last.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


whilst doing some diy today, and using a paint scraper, bulbboy sliced his finger.
well, not sliced but more like thudded into it.
it could have been a lot worse.
there was a lot of blood, please excuse the pictures, those of you that are squeamish.

after rinsing the wound with water, i checked to see how deep it went.
pulling the flaps of skin to the side (as you do), i was surprised to find some "stuff" bulging out.

bulbgirl thought that this could be a severed tendon and promptly marched me off to A&E.
the "stuff" turned out to be no more than subcutaneous fat or tissue, quite interesting.
my hand will heal up no with no problems said the doc.
thank goodness!
i was worried for a moment that my flashlight grip would be adversely affected,
don't worry bulbfans, it's only my grip on reality that is slipping...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Energy Flow

yesterday was not a good day.
bulbboy's chi was not flowing properly.
either that, or someone was practising voodoo
on a light bulb somewhere.

what is chi?
chi is the vital force or energy,
believed by Taoists and other Chinese schools of thought,
to be in all things.
it sounds a little bit like the force in star wars.

with the insole in my left shoe adjusting my spine back to
what it should be (a healthy shape), other pains appear then
vanish, or strangely move.

hopefully the pains will go soon and
my energy flow will increase.
i'm off to bed now to sleep and
recharge my batteries. night, night.