Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Radiant Shopping

i bought another flashlight. don't look at me like that. i deserve it. you would too if you had dealt with the narky customer. this time it's an inova radiant torch. unlike the inova x5 the radiant takes 2 aa sized batteries. it also has a plastic body so it's cheaper than the x5 models. the body also has a squarish shape at the bezel end that should prevent it rolling away. will let you know how it works out when it arrives.
there nothing quite like spot of retail therapy to banish the darkness. :)

Monday, February 26, 2007


the customer is always right.

not always. whoever wrote that was probably a customer and did not have to deal with the general public. a gent at the weekend was annoyed that his kitchen light was faulty. fair enough. he was given a refund and wanted a replacement.

unfortunately the whole store is undergoing a refurb and the lighting department has shrunk to about 25% of it's normal size. only the top sellers are available for the next couple of weeks. that meant we sell more of what is out on the shelves, and consequently we were out of mr angry's light. doubly unfortunately, someone in another department told him that we had them in stock and he was of the opinion that if the computer says they are in he wanted one "today".

there are ways of being assertive and there are ways of being a bawbag. no prizes for guessing which this guy was. i told him the way the system works (products replenished at nighttime, forklifts can't come out during the day). he wasn't interested and wanted to speak to a manager. i got him a supervisor (he couldn't tell the difference) who told him the same information.

what bothered me most about this chap, apart from his inability to deal with me as a human being instead seeing me as something to use to get what he wanted, was his inability to listen to any advice i had to offer. asking him did he check the fuse in the transformer was met with the curt reply "how would i do that?"

opening your eyeballs and looking would be a good start. a little investigation might have revealed that all he needed was a fuse but we will never know. instead he prefererred to queue on a busy sunday afternoon, return a light to be thrown into the rubbish, expect a light to be there for him, and get into a strop when it wasn't. Bulbgirl was shopping in the store and witnessed the huffyman as he stormed by her on his way out so it wasn't just me who thougth that he behaved like an overgrown toddler.

narky people when they can't get what they want sometimes repeat the same statement over and over again. his was i have bare wires in my kitchen! normally i am sympathetic but due to his nature and my newly aquired comfy footwear, while his tirade was washing over me the thought that kept entering my head was: i feel like i am wearing batman boots. :)

man did without light for thousands of years so a couple of days without an overhead light isn't going to kill you, at least not unless you touch the bare wires. you could use a flashlight, or most cooker hoods these days have built in lights.

some people just don't deserve good kitchen lighting .