Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grudge 2 Conjuctivitis

did you have a happy halloween yesterday? hopefully ghost and goblins didn't get you.
i watched the trailer of the movie Grudge 2 and it found it pretty scary. the close up of the eye shot reminded me of when i had conjunctivitis recently. i went in to the cinema to watch a film and experienced an itchy eyeball. by the time i got out my eye was a little weepy and feeling bruised under the lid. not a pretty sight. thankfully it didn't last too long. a few days.


Monday, October 30, 2006

One Click Too Far (Neck)

do you click your neck? does your neck click on its own with very little help? mine tends to click quite a bit. i used to visit the osteopath a lot more and he would vigorously twist my head one way and then the other. this twisting motion would always be accompanies by loud clicks. the trick is to let yourself be completely relaxed and put your faith in the osteopath, as he twists your noggin like an edison screw bulb. some people can't relax and clam up, tightening their neck muscles which is counterproductive.

last week a return visit to the osteo was necessary. as well as the usual fibro related pains, my neck had obviously clicked too far. it felt like something structural rather than nerve related is the best way i can put it. on the massage table he clicked my neck as before but didn't quite get it. i found it amazing the way the clicker could tell as well as the clickee, that it hadn't gone far enough. in action movies many foes are dispatched with a deft spin of the head; this is like a more gentle form of that.

more gentle massage at the base of my skull, and top of my neck followed in order to relax the muscles, but they didn't seem to want to relax as they have done so many times in the past. so with my head in his hands the osteo pulled that old 'pull off the sticking plaster' trick which parents do to their kids to stop them squealing in pain.
i'll pull off the plaster on the count of 3. one...*pulls plaster*

this wasn't verbalised in any way, neither was there a count. just a momentary pause and then a very swift snap of my neck, and it felt more loose. i was surprised at how quick this wrench was. he then repeated on the other side.

things get worse before they get better, it's an old saying and probably true. the neck was tender for the next few days before easing up a little. i might need a follow up appointment. even he was a little surprised that i've had these problems for so long (sigh, and still so young). most people tend to start to get better. a chiropractor i saw before, actively wanted you to come back over and over again. this osteo on the other hand wants you fixed and out the door, only to come back if you feel you need it. he did a stellar job on Bulbbgirl and she has never needed to go back. have you ever visited the osteopath and heard you bones crunch?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Put your clocks back!

yes it's that time of year again. the clocks go back and darkness will be falling earlier.

just think of all those lights going on all over the world, millions and millions of them!
daylight savings time ended today at 2am. now we should think about energy savings time instead. :)

which of your lights could be changed over to energy saving bulbs? using compact fluorescent bulbs, can not only save you energy, but save you money in the long term and save your precious (time as they last a lot longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs or halogen bulb).