Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moonbeams and Toast

bulbboy was moonbathing. not every night has to be filled with beams from flashlights. now and again, oh about once a month, it's good to chill out and relax under natural light, at night time.

let any stresses of the day disappear as you
stare into the dark blue expanse of sky.
this can be done indoors, but for best effect,
find a large window to lie beside.
if you have double glazing, a ghostly 2nd and 3rd
moon can be seen either side of the real moon.

bulbboy finds that a hot drink and toast can increase
the enjoyment no end. watching the moon arc across
the sky is a wonderful thing to behold, and can lower
your stress levels.

feel free to try this lunar meditation under next months
full moon, or even over the next few days as the moon
wanes. enjoy!