Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Floatation Tank Experience

my first floatation tank experience was at willow trading near the botanic gardens in Glasgow. my sleeping pattern the previous week was dreadful, but it has been a little better since my flotation experience. a little better is an understatement, much better would be more of an accurate description. i can sleep a whole night! this might not seem much to you but if you've suffered sleeplessness or insomnia, you'll know what i'm talking about.

after being given a brief tour of the tank and what to do, i was left to it. the flotation room had a shower a couple of benches and a door leading in to the flotation tank which is 4 feet x 8 feet, and the flotation tank was 7 feet high. the water is not very deep, only about 10 inches. in the water there is 1000lbs of salt, epsom salt. as well as making you float the epsom salt is supposed to be very good for your skin, and draw out toxins from your body. i was too tired to notice if any toxins were being drawn from my body, and just relaxed floating like a cork.

having not slept the night before, my body temperature was a little on the cool side and i was a little shivery after a quick shower. the water was quite warm getting in though, and when i closed the door the air temperature rose a little as well. earplugs are given to you; as you float your face remains dry but your ears are under the water. music is piped in but soon fades out. the light outside the door fades out too. lying there looking up i noticed the light coming through the door rim, and thougth oh well, not total darkness, so i closed my eyes for a few minutes. the next time i opened them it was totally dark, which was quite disconcerting for a second. just bobbing there, arms floating lightly out to my sides and staring in to a warm, black nothingness was dreamlike but quite unlike anything i had experienced before. i was very tired but seemed strangely alert and wondered if i would sleep in there.

a slight fear was that i wouldn't wake up and the staff would fish my naked floating body, out of the salty water (you can float naked or wear a swimsuit, it's up to you). this fear was unfounded as i did fall asleep, but awoke to the sound of the gentle music being piped in again. if the music doesn't wake you, after a few minutes a water pump gently stirs the water near the edges of the floatation tank to encourage you to get up.

i was still tired as i left for home, but felt a little rejuvenated and trippy also, and of course looking forward to flotation session number 2.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm Tired

i am very tired. the picture to the left is a diagram of my sleep pattern over the last week. each square is an hour block, red represents a more full sleep, and the chequered blocks are broken, unsettled sleep. white is hours awake.

feeling like a zombie isn't good. to top it off some of those waking hours have been put towards trying to get a refund from a chap from whom i bought hosting (nearly 4 months ago). the seller was on DP forums and had positive feedback (itrader rating) but very poor communication when it came to dealing with myself. usually it's customary for a try out period of 3 months, his was only 7 days (apparently). technically i have not had a trial period as my log in details/account activation details were never emailed to me.

this comes under the heading of poor customer service, or say it with me now, bawbag. how difficult is it to admit your mistake and refund a customer? what is galling is he knows he is in the wrong, saying:

Now, I realize I may sound like an ass on this...
how can one reason with an ass when it knows that it is being an ass?

my body is definitely in need of relaxation, and on friday evening it should get it; i've booked a session in a floatation tank. hopefully this will help alleviate the pain in my muscles and joints. will let you know.

Q: Have you ever been scammed online?

Audrey Hepburn Painting

when i quit my day job, and left where i'd worked for nearly 6 years, i auctioned off 3 paintings for a good cause. when Christine died she was cared for by the staff of the southern general hospital's neurology ward. another colleague, Katrina, ran a half marathon and donated the money to them, so that gave me the idea to post an auction just for staff to say goodbye, to remind many of the staff how young Christine was, and do a good karma thing.

there were 3 paintings, one Jimi Hendrix image, black on gold background, a black on white Brando godfather image, and one black on beige 30"x40" Audrey Hepburn image. the first 2 raised £230, but the bidding sheet for Audrey went missing so it looks like i'll have to run that again.