Thursday, March 09, 2006

Perfect Footwear

you know when you have a great pair of boots
and you can't bear to be parted from them?
bulbboy had such a pair.

my usual pair weren't available so i used an older pair.
being careful to put a spare corrective insole in this pair,
i then set upon my merry wasn't merry for very long.
the voodoo on my spine that i spoke of in an earlier post returned,
with reinforcements.

unfortunately, i hadn't checked out the soles of my former favourite
footwear. these were worn in my pre osteopath/podiatrist days.
the right sole had worn down a little, and this small amount of difference
was enough to cause pain.

i won't be wearing those boots again, unless of course they can be properly resoled, waste not want not! possibly time for new boots.

bulbboy has seen kids walking around with very cool boots and trainers that flash little LEDs when they walk. bulbboy is thinking of developing a set of flashlight boots. just imagine: night time jogging, see those puddles before you land in them! just click your heels together, and before you can say "there's no place like home" bright beams of light fly forth from your tootsies. a little like the boots in the bond 007 movie from Russia with love, worn by the little assassin (except with flashlight beams).
*sigh, i can but dream*

from bulbboy with love xx