Thursday, April 05, 2007

Audition-Attack of the (Annie) Clones

wandering around Glasgow over the last few days has been a little surreal. it started on monday when a little girl with the most outrageous curly hair passed by with her parents. odd hair, i thought. a few minutes later, it happened again but this time there were 2 of them side by side with their guardians. a double take was necessary, to make sure i wasn't suffering the effects of sleep deprivation. sure enough, they were apparently real. then they seemed to be everywhere. every black taxi that went by seemed to be filled with a clone of the first girl, being shuttled off to her destination.

it crossed my mind that there must be an audition for some stage show of the musical Annie. i hope so, but just about all of the clones had blondish hair, not like the traditional red head of little orphan Annie. the thought then popped into my head: could this be an alien invasion not unlike Invasion of the Bodysnatchers? movies fill our heads with images of 10 ft exoskeletoned, whiplash tail monsters, and blobs, and superbeings. but the perfect way to infiltrate a society is to send an army of curly haired little clones, with their little carrycases on wheels following behind them. goodness knows what advanced weapons technology they can
pack away in there.

or it could just be auditions for Annie. i hope so...
ever feel that you have inadvertently stumbled upon a movie set and don't know where the exit is? :)

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Lever said...


Dude, that's pretty freakish... maybe there was an Annie convention or an Annie X-factor... Or is there some local red-head father whose crazy offspring have all swarmed back to their paternal home...