Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day

here a few pics, taken 12 hours apart, today on this longest day of the year.

7am towards the east.

7am towards the east.

7pm towards the west with thunder rumbling.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I made a Baby!

i made a baby.

not a real one, goodness no. i can barely take care of myself let alone another human being. cats are my limit. they kinda take care of themselves anyway, or just tell you what they want (sit by the food bowl, sit by the tap).

after thinking i'd try my hand at sculpture i ordered prosculpt from eBay to try modelling a few figures or suchlike. prosculpt is a plastic modelling clay just like super sculpey or fimo that you can model with. unlike using regular clay, instead of firing it in an kiln for hours, you can 'bake' it at home in your oven. it's also a lot less messy than using regular clay.

bulbgirl and i visited my family home, 4 of us sat around quietly playing and having fun with this fantastic stuff. more than an hour must have elapsed as i sat trying to model a baby head (trained as a painter not a sculptor). everyone should try it. time whizzes by as you get into it.

my dear old dad came into the house and checked out what we had been up to. he had barely touched my model when it fell from his grasp (in slow motion of course) and splatted on the floor. "my baby!" exclaimed i, but he just laughed. hopefully he was a little more cautious when i was a bairn. to suggest a sore cheek i quickly fashioned a hand and joined it to the head which he found funny.

"ooyah, my face hurts"

not sure i should give him a father's day present now. =P