Thursday, January 01, 2009

Balls Away

today was the first day of the year, and today was also Moby's first full day of having no balls. he was taken to the vet yesterday and "done". having been snipped and chipped, i thought he would be moping about and wondering where his gonads did go.

what prompted the castration was a cut on his paw pad. there was a little trailer of bloody footprint, which led up to the top of the white washing machine. there was a little flap of skin that had been ripped off, only a few millimetres, but it looked nasty. it reminded me of when i cut my finger a while back and fatty tissue was poking out. Moby, brave little soul that he is, seemed unperturbed by this. ti's but a flesh wound you could almost see dart across his eyes. to be on the safe side, a little bit of advice seemed in order, just to get the cat's cut paw all cleaned up.

sex drugs and rock 'n' roll

thinking forward about the new year, i wondered when the best time to get a cat snipped, and the vet informed me that it was at around 6 months of age. Moby is 7 months, oh dear. when would be good for the vet to book him in? i half expected the animal doctors to be taking a rest so was surprised that they said bring him in tomorrow (31st dec). no, too soon! give me time to get used to the idea.

like pulling an elastoplast off, though quicker is probably better. you don't has so much time to worry about things and just do it. plus, it's probably better to get them off when he hasn't actually used. them yet. today he was absolutely fine, rounding around the hall chasing a red laser beam like a thing possessed.

happy new year all things can only get better (for Moby at least).