Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Father's Heart

my father is in barra. he went up on saturday, 4 years to the day he had triple heart bypass surgery. his brother died today, technically yesterday, 12 hours ago.

the rest of the family will join him tomorrow, in preparation for the funeral which will probably be on thursday.

i have no uncles left now. Archie is my third uncle to pass away this year, after my mother's brother and mickey joe just over a month ago.

strangely enough, it's also 50 years to the day that another Archie died: my mother's cousin fell from a cliff when he was very young.

my father wasn't in the best of health himself just before flying up. he had suspected heart problems the weeks before travelling. having had previous heart surgery he was admitted straight into hospital. after he was released he was informed that the x-rays showed the pain near his heart was emanating from a broken wire that was holding his rib cage together.