Monday, November 20, 2006

mug mug mug

ok, final post about this bleedin' mug. here is a picture of the mug that did this damage. why have i posted the same pic 3 times? it is because the mug broke 3 times. this information only came to light recently.

it was a small gift i got Bulbgirl because she liked it. the stripy pattern was very pleasing to the eye and i know that she likes stripy things. apparently number 1 mug broke and she didn't want to tell that she destroyed the gift i got her. replacing the drinking receptacle with an identical one, history was to again repeat itself and number 2 mug went the same way as number 1 mug *kaput*. at this point telling me was really out of the question. only after the third and final smash was i to be told that the mug that did the final damage was actually a third reincarnation.

would i have been told this information if the damage could have been hidden, and the mug replaced again? probably not. what put a spanner in the works? aside from the damage to bulbgirl's finger that was not so easy to hide, was another problem: the mugs are no longer available. maybe plastic isn't so bad.

funnily enough monks left a comment about the mug looking evil, and just days later he was almost attacked by none other than a stripy mug! watch out people, mug karma in action!

question: have you ever told your loved one little white lies, about breakages etc. for their benefit?

Mug smashed finger pic

more fingers this time. although not with lights at the end of them, a la ET the Extra Terestrial. Bulbgirl eventually relented and let me take photos of her fingers to show you good people. i know you'd want to see what was under these bandages. Bulbgirl said that it was definitely worse than the slice i received a few months back, and she was absolutely right. she made me get checked out at the hospital in case what was popping out of my finger was important and would stop me making art. but would she do the same for herself?

after rinsing the wound for some time, what did she do? inform someone? go to hospital? no, she finished washing the dishes! did she go to get it fixed up after that? no, she went "for a wee lie down" to see if it would stop bleeding. only after soaking a dishtowel with her blood and the arrival of a friend who convinced her, did she seek medical attention. why do ladies do that, look after others more than themselves?

here is my hand steadying hers as i took the photo. you can see how bruised and swollen the finger is. of course i only show you these in the interest of public mug safety but Bulbgirl wants everyone to be clear that she would rather not have her hand posted on here, and is just going along with my 'sick fascination.' that's love for you. =P

and finally here is the mug in question. it was lovely and held many a tasty cup of tea but alas is now gone. :(

question(s): do women have a higher pain threshold than men? or are they just as stubborn?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Shhh.....Secret FingerLights

have you heard of the secret? well if you concentrate really hard you can make light come out of the end of your fingertips! only kidding [but that's what i wish i could make happen :)].

the secret is actually a pay per view kind of movie which puts forward the idea that we attract into our lives all that we want, what we put our attention comes to us. it's a bit like taking Napolean Hill's book 'Think and Grow Rich' and repackaging it for the mtv generation.

what i would really like would be to attract a flashlight like Luke Skywalker can attract a lightsabre. woosh...from the ground straight into the palm of my hand. this might be a bit much to hope for, but i can dream...sigh. remember... this is from someone who in their annual letter to Santa many moons ago, specified that they wanted a real lightsabre and not one of those toy things you can get in the shop.

what have you attracted into your life lately?

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