Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let There Be Light

let there be light.

who said that? God, maybe but not fact it was Sylvester Stallone in the recent movie Rocky Balboa. now he's a man who can appreciate the importance of a good porch light. in the flick he does a good neighbourly turn and fixes the light on the doorstep of Little Marie. although, one could argue it is too bright.

you have probably walked passed a house, even on the other side of the street, and a light beside a house door will turn on. this irritates me, and should be turned down. the whole point of those kind of lights is surely to light the path of visitors so that they don't stumble, not to illuminate the street if a mouse happens to move 20 metres away! there should be a setting to change the distance at which the light will turn on.

or if the idea is to show that you are in, use a low wattage energy saving bulb, maybe a 5w or 7w, and keep it on. constant turning off and on of compact fluorescents is not so good for them. use an incandescent if it is to be turning on whenever any tom, dick or harry passes in front of your house. again a low wattage should be sufficient. some people want a 500w halogen to light their driveway. don't. this only scares foxes, and blinds your guests.

indeed, let there be light, but only as much as you need.


piniyini said...

you have a really neat writing style, and yes that was a really lame line to say in a film and i cant believe i actually watched it!


Lever said...

Yep, that's us... it's probably exactly 20m to the road and anyone, any car passing switches our searchlight on LOL Keeps the kids at bay too :)