Saturday, February 17, 2007

Self Mutilation

my split tongue is almost all back together. admittedly it was only 10mm i cut into it but the speed at which it healed up really surprised me. what surprised a few others was that i sliced my tongue with a stanley blade in the first place. Bulbgirl is among the surprised. she said she'd leave me if i did it, but did not. to her it is akin to self mutilation but i see it as aesthetically appealing. admittedly it's not for everyone, but pierced ears won't suit everyone either. some tongues are nicer than others.

also Bulbgirl ratted on me; to my mother! strength in numbers i think is her plan. >.< she (my mother) felt "sick to her stomach" when she heard about what her number 2 son was up to. a difficult conundrum this, should one listen to partner, parents, siblings and friends and not modify my body in any way, or should i listen to that little voice inside? if i follow their advice will there always be a little niggling doubt, what if...?

should a person even ask somebody else not to change and lay on a guilt trip if they do otherwise? obviously they say these things because they love me and don't want to see me hurt (or bleed to death). my thinking at the moment is that i should wait for it to heal a little more and get it done professionally. i'll keep you posted. for now ...gotta split. *groan*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Web linking people Together

this video i found on on Seth Godin's blog is by Michael Wesch, and shows us how the web can link people together, getting us to:
rethink a few things, rethink copyright, rethink authorship, rethink identity, rethink ethics, rethink aesthetics, rethink rhetorics, rethink governance, rethink privacy, rethink commerce, rethink love, rethink family, rethink ourselves.

i really like the way it's just seems to wash over you, starting out with a hand using a pencil and erasing what it wrote, and then switches to show us hypertext linking here and there, before showing us yahoo over 10 years back.

plus it's got a cool tune.