Saturday, January 20, 2007

Dark Humour

today i made a faux-pas in the lighting department. have you ever had a thought and it's pretty funny (inside your head) and you say it out loud, and the moment you say it out loud, you just know that it did not sound as funny outside your head as it did inside your head? yes, it was one of those moments.

while informing a gentleman about an LED lighting strip that would be useful for under kitchen cupboard lighting, he was taken aback at the price. it was reasonably priced, but another set of halogen lights that were half the price made the LED strip seem more expensive by comparison.

i then told him the benefits of not having to change any bulbs, as the light emitting diodes lasted a lot longer, many times longer in fact than the halogen bulbs, although they do not give out just as much light. i informed him that the manufacturers estimate was 15 years lifespan using the LED unit 10 hours per day. still the customer pressed me on the changing of the diodes asking "what am i supposed to do with it then?" that's when i said it. my mouth opened and the words:
don't worry about it, you'll be dead by then anyway!
came out. this was meant in a jovial, end of the world, who knows what is around the corner, unexpected comet hitting earth, eco disaster, kind of way which i would probably have said to anyone. the only problem was that said customer was pushing sixty, and his eyes widened as if that was the last thing he expected me to say.

his wife found it pretty funny though. oh well, if you can't stand the heat, you should stay out of the lighting department. :D