Monday, January 08, 2007

Security Flashlights

i went to see night at the museum. only because pan's labyrinth was full. possibly not a great idea while in the middle of a water fast but i went anyway. it's not too bad, Ben Stiller carries a flashlight. there is a movie in there too, but he carries a flashlight around with him in the museum to point at moving t-rexes and stuff. what kind of flashlight was it? it looks to be a 3d maglite. the 3d part refers to the number and size of battery cells in this particular torch. is this a good thing? well, yes and no. for light output and runtime it's not good. there are better led torches out there that are smaller and can give you more light. although for a security guard that is not the only concern. would you feel more secure with a small light if an armed assailant was running at you shrieking? in fact there are even 4d, 5d, and 6d maglites available, almost resembling aluminium baseball bats. a security guard told me that's why he owned one (he uses to be a bouncer too)
not pocket friendly but it has it's uses i suppose. :D