Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wet Dreams

i want them. wait a minute, let me explain.

today for most of the day i was up a scaffolding tower helping out a friend to de-moss some roof tiles, and fit new soffits and fascias just below the tiles. my friend did the heavy lifting but it has still taken quite a bit out of me, getting up and down ladders.

having had only 46 mins of sleep in the past 40 hours doesn't really help matters much. my sleeping pattern is out of whack again. what did help when back home, after dusting the spiders from my hair, was lying in a bath soaking, just relieve some of the strain of gravity, and then it hit me.

last week i finally managed to watch DareDevil, the movie with Ben Affleck, and there is a short scene where he sleeps in an isolation tank/floatation tank to shield himself and his extra sensitive senses from noise. i'd heard years ago that one hour of floating is equivalent to more rest than an hour of sleep. having checked a few websites it seems that you can actually sleep in them. i wonder if i could make one myself?

Q:anyone out there tried a session in a floatation tank or water therapy?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Gemma's poem

someone asked what Gemma's poem was. it was called (a little melodramatically) The Agony of Losing a Yellow Shirt with Character. here it is.

Never did I leave your presence in a dull way,
You brightened up everyone's day,
With a knowledge that thrilled,
You leave a space that can't be filled,

You had a rota of your own,
With you a different name was prone,
With everyone you've left a mark,
Your own magic spark,

I'll miss your nonsense,
That actually made sense,
You shared with us the knowledge of your years,
Your hopes, dreams and fears,

What a wacky personality,
To have known you was an unbelieveable opportunity,
A person with such charm and charisma comes once in a lifetime,
I feel privileged that that lifetime was mine,

To better things you progress,
For you I wouldn't want anything less,
So to your life without a yellow shirt I wish you the best of luck,
Even though for me it's going to suck,

May you continue to leave a spark in everyone's life,
And where ever you go keep bulbboys our of strife,
To you we say a sad goodbye,
As we lose a yellow shirt with character we'll surely cry.

what do you think, girl's got talent? it moved me.