Thursday, March 15, 2007

Red Eyed Monster

the red eyed monster in question is Bulbgirl. red eyed not because she was angry at all but because she has infected eyes with something that has a long name she can't remember. i was in the waiting room at the hospital for over 2 hours and shen she finally did show her eyes were more yellow and orange due to the dye that 2 opthamologists squirted in there. cry me a river, cry me a rainbow more bloomin' likely!

you know when you are in trouble when the docs are interested enough to bring another colleague to exhibit you. another visit she has booked tomorrow, so hopefully that will clear things up and she will see properly again. not see the light, as her eyes are pretty light sensitive at the moment.

i was going to post pics of her peepers but for once i have refrained. this blog is becoming more of a grotty pic blog rather than light reading (although the kid in me always thinks ''ooh, cool photo opportunity!') :)

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Lever said...

Yow; time to put some shades on, close the curtains and keep well away from pc monitors...