Monday, November 20, 2006

Mug smashed finger pic

more fingers this time. although not with lights at the end of them, a la ET the Extra Terestrial. Bulbgirl eventually relented and let me take photos of her fingers to show you good people. i know you'd want to see what was under these bandages. Bulbgirl said that it was definitely worse than the slice i received a few months back, and she was absolutely right. she made me get checked out at the hospital in case what was popping out of my finger was important and would stop me making art. but would she do the same for herself?

after rinsing the wound for some time, what did she do? inform someone? go to hospital? no, she finished washing the dishes! did she go to get it fixed up after that? no, she went "for a wee lie down" to see if it would stop bleeding. only after soaking a dishtowel with her blood and the arrival of a friend who convinced her, did she seek medical attention. why do ladies do that, look after others more than themselves?

here is my hand steadying hers as i took the photo. you can see how bruised and swollen the finger is. of course i only show you these in the interest of public mug safety but Bulbgirl wants everyone to be clear that she would rather not have her hand posted on here, and is just going along with my 'sick fascination.' that's love for you. =P

and finally here is the mug in question. it was lovely and held many a tasty cup of tea but alas is now gone. :(

question(s): do women have a higher pain threshold than men? or are they just as stubborn?


Monks said...

I absolutely think it is a combination of both (stubborn and higher threshold for pain).

FYI: It might be just me, but that mug looks evil, I would have thrown it away along time ago to protect my loved obviously live on the edge...admirable...but look where it got you.

Vicious Summer said...

Women DEFINATELY have a higher pain threshold. It's hilarious to see a guy get the sniffles and act like he is dieing. I broke my ankle twice before I even went to a doctor for x-rays. Even after I saw that it was broken, I wouldn't let them put a cast on it. I just hobbled off into the sunset...