Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grudge 2 Conjuctivitis

did you have a happy halloween yesterday? hopefully ghost and goblins didn't get you.
i watched the trailer of the movie Grudge 2 and it found it pretty scary. the close up of the eye shot reminded me of when i had conjunctivitis recently. i went in to the cinema to watch a film and experienced an itchy eyeball. by the time i got out my eye was a little weepy and feeling bruised under the lid. not a pretty sight. thankfully it didn't last too long. a few days.



Vicious Summer said...

Ewwww...Pink Eye is the WORST! Did you wake up with your eye stuck shut from all of the eye goo?!?!

Bulbboy said...

Afraid so. Eyelids should NOT make a noise when they open. =P