Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Birthday Suit

i'm 31 today. yes it's my birthday but don't worry, my clothes are back on and covering up my birthday suit.

has it been over a year already that i have been blogging? time passes so quickly. once you get beyond a certain age time seems to speed up. a while back i could remember thinking that 2000 would never arrive, and here we are almost 7 years into the noughties (do they still call this decade that?).

a whole year blogging. a year ago i awoke in Italy. what have i done since then?

  • helped customers find thousands of correct lightbulbs
  • not done a whole lot of oil painting this year
  • some DIY
  • been diagnosed with fibromyalgia (near as dammit)
  • inserted an insole to correct short left leg length
  • impersonated a police car with a blue led
  • took photos of Bulbgirls broken bits
  • started a college course in web design.
  • quite a college course in web design.
  • learned lots on internet forums

more importantly what do i want for the coming year?
  • pain free days
  • continue blogging (what would make my posts better?)
  • learn to make better web pages
  • paint more
  • move nearer my studio (so i can a paint more)
  • and to hopefully receive a flashlight (yes another one) for my birthday
*hopes* (off to eat cake) :)


Vicious Summer said...

Happy Bulb Day!

Shawn turned 31 in September and Stefan leaves 31 behind in December.

As for your blog posts, I think they are awesome! Don't change a thing. It's obvious (and boring) when people are trying too hard whilst blogging :). I love reading your blog. It's fun peaking into someone's real life from halfway around the world.

Where should we send your flashlights?

Monks said...

leaving 31 behind was a good way to put it...

happy bulb-day birth-boy...

ever read "still life with woodpecker?" Your previous post reminds me of that Tom Robins title...

Bulbboy said...

validation that I have a real life.
Only took me 31 years to get one. =P

Any donations of flashlights greatfully accepted [by anyone, anywhere :) ]

Please post to:
Studio 28,
Wasps Studios

Bulbboy said...

Monks, thanks for the birthday greeting, but...
"Book Description
Still Life with Woodpecker
is sort of a love story that takes place inside a pack of Camel cigarettes..."

Never read it. I don't quite see the connection.
If I pick up a copy, maybe I will see the light.

Monks said...

Still Life with Glowing Pecker

I read it when I was 18 hitchhiking across australia...i don't remember much of the book or even if it was good. Your picture just reminded me of the title. :-)