Tuesday, November 29, 2005


bulbboy is thirty years old. today is the start of my fourth decade on this planet.
to celebrate i went to Milan last night to meet bulbbgirl.
she had been teaching in Slovakia and we decided to meet up somewhere on my birthday.
well technically not Milan but Bergamo. as we had so little time, just one night, we decided not to get the bus into Milan.

a short taxi trip to the mercure hotel in Bergamo cost 10.60 euros (according to the meter). bulbgirl went to pay the driver while I got the cases but the driver pointed to the same meter and said "no, no, notturno, notturno, quindici (15)"
bulbgirl thinks that we were done, saying that i'm naive. the taxi driver seemed like a nice old man. is there a nighttime taxi tax in Bergamo? answers on a postcard please...

after a lovely meal, we took a stroll around Bergamo, the architecture and lighting was lovely. our stroll didn't last too long as it was pretty cold. definitely recommend a visit.

guard your possessions on public transport. bulbgirl's wallet was stolen and our time at the airport was spent phoning the international operator, cancelling credit cards instead of relaxing with a coffee.

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