Monday, November 27, 2006

Naked Picture: Bulbboy in the Buff

this is not myself in my living room. this is in a store, a public store. members of the public were not in at the time though (thankfully). it was after closing time.

why i am naked i hear you ask? is it because i'm completely shameless? that may be the case but is not the reason. i bared all for charity, cash for kids specifically. if it's good enough for Calendar Girls (the movie) it's good enough for me.

a few others went naked too. well, not really really naked. most of the other participants from other departments in the store wore swimming costumes, and suchlike. i was the first to be snapped and i was led to believe that others would follow suit (or should that be suitless?), and disrobed completely. i used to do a spot of life modelling so i'm not bothered either way, but i don't have any leanings towards naturism; it's too cold in scotland most of the year. :)

the pictures were taken by Emma Flynn and Jaclyn Smith, no not from charlie's angels but two young photographers who also work in other departments.
See more of Jaclyn Smith's photography here.

Have you had any long exposures lately?


Vicious Summer said...

That's a cool picture! I can't believe everyone else chickened out of being naked. Perhaps you just intimidated them when you went naked first...haha :)

!ANGE! bang bang said...

u loser what that picture 4