Saturday, December 02, 2006

24 Presents

not 24 presents but 24 as a present. what 24 am i on about? the incredibly, fantastic, must-watch-another-episode-straight-away tv show that stars Keifer Sutherland. i was given series 5 as a birthday gift. so no flashlight but it was the next best thing.

Keifer plays the part of Jack Bauer, a tough ex-special forces soldier who works for the government, CTU, the Los Angeles counter terrorist unit, to be specific. if you haven't seen any i heartily recommend you do, right now. Jack Bauer is a man who know the importance of a flashlight, and whips it out multiple times through out series 1 to 5. he also point, shoots, shouts, uses Mac hardware and runs about a lot.

a coat was gifted to me by Bulbgirl, good for the wintry weather, and to cover up my little naked bodkin. it's a really cool coat, by that i mean warm and very smart, has a touch of 40s elegance, while being 3/4 length. my height is only average, just over 5' 8", so not gifted in the vertical stakes there. usually longer coats wouldn't suit me, but this one i can carry off. Keifer Sutherland seems quite a small geezer as well. do you know what height he really is? sites on the net seem to have him pinned down at somewhere between 5' 6" and 6'.

someone must be lying.

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that girl said...

That is indeed a nudie picture.
Worryingly I think I've been in that display room :-/
Happy birthday btw. *hugs*
You have a studio? how glam. I have no studio. Maybe thats why I don't paint? I should go get a studio....