Thursday, October 18, 2007 crap hosting

i purchased a lifetime reseller hosting account from via the b/s/t forums on digitalpoint. unfortunately this was on the 2nd march, 7 and a half months ago! i have not received any login details whatsoever, or any service of any kind. what i did receive for my $155.96 is a negative iTrader. iTrader is just like your ebay feedback rating, and just like the ebay system, some don't want to give any negative iTrader for fear of getting it in return.

after waiting over 6 months for a refund from bizoppz (forum name of webberco) i left a negative iTrader stating:
$155.96 US paid on 2nd March. Over 6 months on, nothing received,no refund given.

after such poor service from webberco/bizoppz and waiting half a year for money back, bizoppz responded in about 15 mins. great response time, yes? yes it was quick but only to give me a neg in return and write:

Months after buying he claims he never got info. I have proof details were sent.

ah, that old ebay trick, where you hold off giving feedback until you are sure you won't get a negative. his 'proof' is that the emails he sent are in his sent folder. he didn't seem to take heed of the fact that other people had difficulty getting email from him, so it seems that the problem was on his side.

quote from iamsgf:

ok...... i was probably the 1st person to pay you 2 weeks ago.... i still have not got the estore and now you have dropped the price before you have even given the people that purchased what they want?

Needless to say.... 2 weeks on I am now a very unhappy bunny. It is totally unacceptable to sell something that you do not actually have.

Therefore i want a refund as you have not delivered in want can be considered a reasonable time!

quote from GrassRoots:
Do not buy from this person!

I paid 4 days ago and have recieved NOTHING and I am not getting responses to my emails!!!

quote from resellbargain:
When can I get my $200 back? I bought a resellerstore in february and did not get any of the updates and things you promised me.

I have e-mailed you countless of times but no answer for months.
it doesn't seem to be a very good way of running a business, customers can talk to each other these days and compare experiences via a marvelous contraption called the internet, eg. webberco on

a pm i received from bizoppz gives me the option of shopping at one of his online stores, mostly digital downloads that i am not interested in.

As stated previously, your account was activated and emails WERE sent. I have the "SENT" emails in my SENT folder to back up my statements. The best I can do for you is to offer you some credit at one of my online stores, or you can use the account. Now, I realize I may sound like an ass on this, however, you have to understand my side as well. Since starting the hosting offers, I had many people who would sign up and then ask for a refund.

at least he understand that he sounds like (is?) an ass. maybe the reason why people who actually got to try his hosting asked for a refund, is that they received piss poor service? just speculating, will keep you posted.

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