Sunday, October 21, 2007

Annual Hair Cut

barberphobic. i don't know if that's a real word but it should be (quick check on google looks like it's not). fear of barbers is what i would imagine it to be. having not visited a barbershop or hair-cutting-specialist since 1992 (or 91? so long ago my memory has blanked it out) i don't see any reason to stop now. usually once a year i give my self a little trim, but this time i lopped off a little more than's still long enough to tie up in a top-knot or bun, to keep out of paintings, or my eyes when sculpting. it's just above my shoulders now, shortest it's been in over a decade. it's approaching a hairstyle now, i've never really had a style before, i've just had hair.scalp hair has been cut, while face fuzz has been allowed to grow. almost 32 years of age and a proper man beard is just beginning to thicken up. not at the sides though, so wolverine sideburns are probably a long way off. :(

i have imagined going to a barber for a shave though, the old fashioned type, where a cut-throat razor is used for a closer than close finish. i don't like the way hairdressers look at me when i walk passed their windows though, would they know when to stop? wrist clamps might come up from the barber chair, the hot towels would be pulled tighter and tighter around the neck like a terry toweling garrote and they could scalp any hippy they wish. what drives these demons of personal grooming? maybe it's because Sweeney Todd is coming out this christmas, who knows? i predict a rise in bearded men around yuletide.

how can you trust someone who shows you the back of your own head?


Monks said...

at 32 i am still years away from a manbeard...but much like you...i really want to go to an old fashioned barber and get a shave. shaving cream...close shave. Sick One!

Ahmed said...

you should get a style! it might suit should never be afraid to try new things...when I change my hair style, it looked better than my old one which was just hair no hairstyle at all...give it a try :)

Vicious Summer said...

I think your hair looks cool. Hairstyles are overrated (and expensive!). I'm going back to having Jungle Hair, myself. :) You'd fit right in, in Puerto Rico!

Bulbboy said...

Ahmed, i'm afraid this is as near to a style as it's gonna get. Bulbgirl kinda likes it anyway. low maintenance is good, easy to let my hair down or tie up at a moments notice.

Summer, jungle hair is one thing, what about jungle beards? is facial hair a no-no in Puerto Rico? whatver happened to that moustache Stefan was cultivating?