Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oil Paintings in Studio

here is some artwork that i had on display in my studio just over a week ago. posting them here because i lost my compact flash reader, but now i've found it you can see the oil paintings and polymer clay sculpture in all their miniature glory.

nothing sold but i left my studio open and went round other studios in the building. no artwork was stolen either. i tend to open the door and use the annual open studios day as a social event, seeing other artists and what they have been up to. i find that a lot of members of the public are scared to go into artists studios, especially if the artist is there at the time. one or two just sit there waiting for passers-by to make eye contact and quite honestly it freaks some out. one artist in particular, i'll mention no names, freaks me out (and i know the guy). he's actually a very nice chap but his stare can send would be customers/interested parties onwards onto the next studio. if people really like your work they can always get back to you. leaving your contact details on your door is a good idea.

i've downsized to painting small panels lately, usually i work a little bigger but my wrists have been aching so the small format is easier to handle. included are a couple of light bulb paintings, japanese rice cracker, redcurrants, and sugar-puff paintings. this open day was also the first time i showed a sculpture, my first polymer clay effort. the model was internet marketer Jeremy Schoemaker /Shoemoney (from photos). i posted a pic before when Shoemoney's head was still soft sculpey pre baking. sculpey is easier to use and less messy than regular clay and is a lot of fun to use.

is small the new big? do you like to be dwarfed by a canvas or be able to hold an artwork in your hand? what is your ideal picture/artwork size and why?


Vicious Summer said...

Cool! I really like your artwork. I can totally see being intimidated going into an artists studio while they are there. Contact info on the door is a great idea.

Why don't you set up an online gallery where you can sell your artwork? I'd be happy to help if you decided to do it.

BTW, how did you get the "recent comments" mod in your sidebar? I want!

Bulbboy said...

thanks Summer, that's very kind.

can't remember where i found the recent comments idea but just follow these steps:

goto the edit layout option in the blogger dashboard.

add page element.

choose the feed (add content from an RSS or Atom Feed to your blog).

then the sneaky bit: add your own feed! cool huh?

mine is:

not quite sure what your comments feed is.