Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flying Squirrels

i came across this amazing basejumping video today. you have probably seen basejumping before and you have probably seen wingsuits before, but have you seen them together? watch these guys skim passed rocks just a few feet away! it must feel incredible swooping at incredible speeds like a huge flying squirrel. .

more basejumping in Norway below by Robert Pecnik. at the end of the vid the jumper glides towards clouds and the camera on the suit mists up just as he enters the clouds. Robert Pecnik is flying with a Phoenix-fly Vampire V-2 wingsuit. it reminds me of one of the final scene in crouching tiger hidden dragon.

in this flyby from the point of view of a parachutist, if you turn up your speakers a faint woohoo can be heard. although it could be wahoo. this might be due to the doppler effect, demonstrated by an ambulance sounding different coming towards you than it does moving away from you. maybe basejumpers should scream "nee-naw-nee-naw" as the do flybys?

it looks really cool and that is what you see most of the time on video sharing sites. of course anyone trying it would have to weigh up the risks for themselves. in this vid something goes wrong, hitting a bridge at 120mph you're going to die instantly.

even though it's risky i fancy trying it sometime. do you?

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