Thursday, July 12, 2007

Shoemoney Head Sculpt

being primarily a painter, sculpting doesn't come too naturally to me. the first thing i made from sculpey was a baby head so i thought i'd continue with a head with no hair. working in 3 dimension requires more than one photo of a subject so i thought i'd use Jeremy Schoemaker, a.k.a Shoemoney, as a subject for my second head sculpt. Jeremy has a shaved head so that deals with the hair problem, and there are a lot of photos of him online so that helps with the 3d aspect. plus he has pretty cool ear shapes.

it's difficult to work on such a small scale. goodness knows how the toy sculptors do it. i imagine they end up cross eyes before long. :)

unfortunately the eyes are not very well worked in, as all of the pics of Jeremy have him wearing glasses. any sculptors out there with help when your subject has specs?


admin said...

Wow dude . . .I just found your blog through mybloglog (my site is, I won't drop a real link on ya!) . . .

I have to say that is probably the most effort I've ever seen put into linkbait! Wow.

I wish I was famous enough to get a bust sculptured!

Lever said...

Painting small figures can be done no problem, but sculpting them... man, you have WAY more patience than me. In 3D it's the constant tweaking to get everything uniform and then saying sod it and squashing it. Which I usually regret.

Food job dude, now all you gotta do is the body and a phat cheque ;)

The ears are great and the top-down shot is particularly excellent... what about shoe's glasses?

Vicious Summer said...

WOW! That's awesome! The rear shot is dead on for sure.

I actually saw someone blog about this + your pictures and I has no idea it was an original BulbBoy sculpture. :)

Bulbboy said...

Jon (or Admin), well Bruce Lee is often sculpted, just keep up with Martial Arts training 100% and you never know?

Lever, i've been tempted to squish him (like a bug) so many times, but keep at it. working more on the eyes, he seems to be turning into my older brother. weird, no? spectacles, i think i'll give a miss.

Summer, is that a nice way of saying the front doesn't look like him? =P even shoe voted for decapitation.

Monks said...

yeah, but what does shoe have to do with this. What's his last name again. Decapitation. Come should mass produce this thing through a factory in china, put springs on them and give them away for free with a moneymaking URL on it at the next SEM convention.

Free ShoeMoney bobbing head with the purchase of a diet coke or coffee.

Or you can have fun making your next one. I'll send a couple pics :-)

Lever said...

Yo BB, where you at?

Vicious Summer said...

I got a present!!! It's awesome! Now, why can't I find an email address for you so I can thank you properly?!

Bulbboy said...

@ Lever: i'm back! been feeling low, and doing a bit of diy (slowly).

@ Summer:hope you like it. made by my own fair hands (and 1400 degrees C).

no email? scared of Nintendo spam. =P

Vicious Summer said...

I do love it. That was so nice of you :)! EMail me so I have your address. Mine is easy to find unfortunately (2500 spam emails a day to prove it....sigh)

Bulbboy said...

Summer, done. DP PMd you.

2500 spam a day! :o i'm surprised you have time for any work at all.