Friday, October 05, 2007

Rush Glasgow SECC October 2007

my brothers and i saw the best band in the world a couple of days ago. Rush were playing at the Glasgow SECC, we saw them not so long ago on september 14th 2004, but my first Rush experience was april 15th 1992 on the roll the bones tour (also at the SECC).

here is master drummer Neil Peart doing his thing. his drum solo has been evolving over the years, and this time seems to have been changed quite a lot. it has almost ambient elements but towards the end has more industrial sounding elements. in this yt vid, you can't really make anything out but you can hear the gist. there is also a little solo by Alex Lifeson straight after giving Geddy and Neil a rest.

the intro and outro (after song YYZ) features Geddy Lee as a kind of Mike Myers 'Fat B***ard' character in a kilt talking to himself (Geddy).

he must like Scotland, so hopefully it won't be long before they come back.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Rush rule man !! Seen them years ago in concert, boy it must ne 20 years or so now, I feel old ! :)