Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Rules - blog tag!

Summer blog tagged me for a second time with a meme:

from answers.com
In modern times, the advent of the Internet — and more specifically of email — has provided memes with a high-fidelity propagation medium that enables highly prolific memes to propagate quickly. Chain emails furnish a significant example, and in-depth studies have examined their evolution and mutation based on their differential survival rate. Paper-based chain letters, predecessors to this meme-distribution net, have also attracted study, but they have a lower propagation-rate due to the higher copying effort, and a higher mutation-rate may have occurred due to manual transcription or degraded photocopying, thus potentially reducing their lifespan. It seems plausible that the first email chain letters started when recipients transcribed paper-based chain-letters to email, suggesting that memes can move from one propagation medium to another (more efficient) one.

she posted her rules, well one big rule. here are mine:

1. never say never.
2. don't be afraid to give negative feedback to bawbags on ebay or to scammers on forums to retain your 100% record. that is rooted in fear. chances are they will give you a negative in return. so what? others may follow your lead and the internet will be a better place.
3. write "lol" only if you did.
4. do as you would be done by. yes, even if you are a masochist, have some consistency :).
5. always carry a flashlight.

dem's da rules. now who shall i tag? i know, Mike Dammann (with 2 Ns).

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