Friday, September 14, 2007

Naked Picture of Vanessa Hudgens


who is Vanessa Hudgens? i had no idea until she set some pulses racing on some blogs. nude photos of her appeared online, and she has since apologized for this 'lapse in judgement.' that sound a little premeditated. she appears naked in a picture, doing nothing much at all, just standing naked as millions of lifemodels have done before her.

what is special about this case is that she has made a film (high school musical) for the disney channel, and could possibly tarnish disney's good name. does anyone really care though?

was the lapse in judgement an ill conceived marketing ploy, to get her name known by every blog and tabloid reader, or was the photographer an ex-boyfriend? there were some suggestions she released them herself just to boost her career.

they could have been taken with a self timer but i very much doubt that. most myspacers, beboers, and facebookers don't seem to know how to take a photo of themselves with a self timer, preferring the obligatory "shooting themselves in the mirror while showing the camera in hand shot," sometimes accompanied by flash to wipe out a lot of the image. the naked pic in question though looked like it was taken by someone else though, but for what purpose? a romantic evening for two? a lifemodel for a nude study? no one except Vanessa Hudgens (and of course the photographer) can answer that one, but she did try for a nice ambience. have a look at the string of light above the curtain:

the warmth of the glow suggest incandescents rather than leds. just like strings of christmas lights, they may not heat up very much but you still have to be careful. make sure any strings of lights near fabric (curtains, over beds) are securely fastened so there is no fire risk of burning your bedroom, bra or booty. think about having them on a timer so you don't fall asleep with the lights still on.

a mirror is a good idea to bounce light around. it doesn't have to be huge, or wall sized, but can aid to open up the space a little.
the candles suggest a romantic interlude, being a very delicate source of illumination. don't leave them unattended as they present a more direct fire risk. the play of light through glass and items such as plastic water bottles can be attractive especially with the delicate flickering of candlelight. a bottle of water could also serve to out (small) flames in the event of a fire but never be tempted to throw water on a candle if it melts down onto a wood surface. remember: wax and water don't mix. put candles on suitable candle holders, as spraying water onto a mushed candle might only exacerbate any flames (use a damp dishtowel as you would in a flaming fryingpan scenario).

one more thing: don't trust a bawbag with naked photos of yourself.


Vicious Summer said...

I actually saw an honest to god PSA type ad in a magazine recently that basically warned young girls not to post skanky pictures of themselves on the internet (ie their myspace accounts), because "any one can see them, including your pastor, your dad, your ex-boyfriend, your grandparents, your teacher...", etc).

I'm glad digital cameras weren't aorund when I was young, dumb and craving attention :D...

Bulbboy said...

True dat. The younger generation do want to show their bits off. Come to think of it, maybe I haven't got over that stage yet, must be my lifemodel past.

Celebrities never get passed that stage. Britney Spears'ass is testament to that.