Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blogrush, Internet History?

just added the Blogrush widget to the sidebar. have you heard of it? if you haven't i'm sure you will soon. John Reese (of feels that he and his programmers are making internet history. sounds like internet marketing bull, you may think, but this is from the guy who made over a million dollars in one day. i know it is sometimes difficult to believe anything that comes out of a marketers mouth , but this could be the real deal.

what da ya think?


Vicious Summer said...


So have you seen a "flood of targeted readers to your blog", yet?

Keep us posted on what you think of teh results of Blog Rush.

Bulbboy said...

Not exactly a flood, Summer. A few more although I think they were looking for a naked picture of Vanessa Hudgens.