Sunday, June 03, 2007

Thunder and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening

friday the 1st June was my last day in the lighting department. i had been with the company for nearly 6 years. time flies when you are having fun. it wasn't a full time job, my hours varied from week to week. sometimes i would work full-time (over 40 hours), and others i would only work a minimum of 12 hours. 99% of the time i would be in the lighting department, but now and again i would help out and work for other areas of the store. the second best place to work was in the plant area. orchids were possibly the nicest thing in the store.

over the past 6 months i was not there as much due to my health (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, joint hyper mobility, whatever the hell i have). it was sad to leave on my last evening, but it's time for a change. Nic made me a "lightsabre of creativity", creatively fashioned with acetate and cardboard, along with a lovely card made from "recycled bits." Jaclyn went around the store with a notebook asking many of my coworkers to write a mention and cheerio. Gemma went to all the bother of writing me a poem for goodness sake. i was quite moved.

working with certain people, and interacting with the general public are the memories i will take with me. companies change over the years. people come and go and the atmosphere changes. Seth Goding speaks of "the vibe" of your company and asks "could it be better?"
hopefully i contributed to the vibe of the place while i was there.

on the way to work that day was a torrential downpour, even for Scotland. the rain that comes down so hard it bounces back up into "upwards rain." lighting flashed across the clouds, and thunder roared. i haven't been out in weather like that in quite a while. it cleared up by the time i got to work but maybe it was the Great Flashlight in the sky saying "so long" too? at least that's how'll i will remember it.

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