Monday, April 23, 2007

Finger Pointing

when shopping for lights (or anything else for that matter) customers often bring along a relative or friend to bounce ideas off. usually the relative isn't too bothered about shopping and wants to get out of there asap, so quickly finds a shop assisstant to help their wavering friend. they will point at you and say in a loud confident manner: he's over there, or there's a guy that'll help you with bulbs. if the shopper is moving away from the friend they dragged along on their shopping expedition, the friend's voice is not always as loud and confident and will sometimes tail off as they say there's a guy... but the pointing is usually there.

a lady today pointed at me, i wouldn't have minded at all, if she wasn't right next to me!
there's a guy...

and she looked away at her faraway friend, but the finger stayed up. some people say that it is rude to point. a friend a few years back said that she thought that pointing at someone was quite a violent gesture, and it was mostly men that did it. i don't know about that but there i was, face to face with a female pointer.

what did i do? well just for the hell of it i pointed right back at her with a blank expression. her locus of attention shifted back to me and we stood there in our mexican standoff for what seemed like 2 seconds. there was look of absolute bafflement on her face, before i broke into a smile and saying only kidding! :D

i was tempted to quote Bruce Lee, in enter the dragon:
don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all the heavenly glory.

but the poor woman didn't deserve that. it's just too bad that my hands didn't have fingers that light up.

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Lever said...

When facing your enemy you have to aim for his weakest point. Use the Buddha finger accurately and you'll find you will win whatever he should try to do ;)