Friday, June 15, 2007

Gemma's poem

someone asked what Gemma's poem was. it was called (a little melodramatically) The Agony of Losing a Yellow Shirt with Character. here it is.

Never did I leave your presence in a dull way,
You brightened up everyone's day,
With a knowledge that thrilled,
You leave a space that can't be filled,

You had a rota of your own,
With you a different name was prone,
With everyone you've left a mark,
Your own magic spark,

I'll miss your nonsense,
That actually made sense,
You shared with us the knowledge of your years,
Your hopes, dreams and fears,

What a wacky personality,
To have known you was an unbelieveable opportunity,
A person with such charm and charisma comes once in a lifetime,
I feel privileged that that lifetime was mine,

To better things you progress,
For you I wouldn't want anything less,
So to your life without a yellow shirt I wish you the best of luck,
Even though for me it's going to suck,

May you continue to leave a spark in everyone's life,
And where ever you go keep bulbboys our of strife,
To you we say a sad goodbye,
As we lose a yellow shirt with character we'll surely cry.

what do you think, girl's got talent? it moved me.

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