Friday, April 06, 2007

Bathed in Light

last night bulbgirl and myself took ourselves off to see some sunshine. sunshine at night? preposterous i hear you exclaim, but it was Sunshine, the latest movie from Danny Boyle, where light rays from a projector gave the illusion of watching a wall-sized sun.

despite having only 4 hours of sleep over the previous 2 nights, i went along. sometimes you can nod off a little in movies if you are tired, but i was on the edge of my seat for most of the film. some of the script is a little familiar but well worth a watch.

image courtesy of nasa.
the plot is a little derivative of some other space flicks but the visuals are what stunned me. seeing things like the sun and planets (coupled with deep rumbling sound effects) move me deep inside. with easter almost upon us, i feel the presence of god more in the cinema, than when a christian tries to convert me on a bus trip. maybe it's because films often get us to look at our place in the universe, i don't know. Danny Boyle was said to have considered the priesthood, but he was discouraged by a priest and is quoted as saying:

i don't know if he was trying to save me or the priesthood.

i think it shows in his movies. Scorcese once considered it too. the vatican's loss is cinema's gain.

here is the trailer featuring the music of the kronos quartet which was used in requiem for a dream.

i think i might even go and see it again.
Q:is going to the cinema a religious experience for you?


Vicious Summer said...

Well, if I can ever find my glasses, Stefan and I will definately go see Sunshine...(We were supposed to go the the movies on Friday, but I couldn't find my glasses)...:D

Lever said...

I dunno if I'd use the term religious but there are certain movies that I want to see so much that I simply get immeresed in them...

Depsite my desire to be totally terrified, The Blair Witch was not one of those moments.

Outlaw was tense, V for Vendetta was good and that's been about it.

I gotta admit that Predator was well gripping when I was 16/17.

And only Star Wars IV, V and VI come remotely near a closer-to-god experience for thee :)

Bulbboy said...

unfortunately i missed Outlaw, Lever. meant to see it but i blinked and it was gone from the cinema. maybe i'll catch your bit part on dvd.

V for Vendetta: good bits but ultimately unsatisfying imho.

Predator: still gives me chills if i watch it on my own. i saw Robocop on the same night if i remember correctly.

As for Star Wars IV, V and VI: now you're talking. i don't think anything will ever beat those.


think i'll add the Indiana Jones trilogy to the list.

Lever said...

Yes. Jonesy most definitely. 1st one's an undisputed classic, Temple of Doom had that f'in'ying kid so that one gets marked down, but Sean Connery in the Last Crusade bought back all the glory of the first one...