Thursday, April 12, 2007

Water Bed

sleeping in the bath: don't recommend it.

this last week hasn't been so good body-wise. sleeping patterns have been a little out of whack and when i do sleep a lot, i don't seem to get any rest. one night i thought i'd relax my aching bones in a warm bath. previously i was more of a showering type than bathing type, but Bulbgirl has converted me of late. baths are just so comfy though, i tend to fall asleep.

normally if i wake up in lukewarm water i get out and go to bed. this time though i was so dog-tired, the thought of dragging myself out of the tub was too much, so i drained out a little water and added more hot water, and then went back to sleep. not just once but a couple of times. stupid i know, don't try this at home. they say you can drown with just a teaspoon of water. eventually i got out at 8am and went to sleep in a proper bed. my hands were super pruned.

Q:what's the weirdest place you have fallen asleep?

1 comment:

Lever said...

On a cricket pitch.

Failing that face down, balanced on my nose, infront of my mate's toilet bowl with half a pint of beer in my right hand.