Friday, December 08, 2006

No Naked Lights?

am i a loser? that's one of the comments i got from someone when i posted a naked picture of myself, albeit with an energy saving bulb in front of my private parts. i decided to post the comment which was:

u loser what that picture 4

that is the second comment from that user. the first was just

u loser

he obviously wanted to elaborate on that comment and then proceeded to ask what that picture was for (4). apparently said commenter did not actually read the blogpost which stated that the money was going to charity. this would back up the claim from the commenter's profile which states: i don't read books.
i can only surmise then, that the commenter found my blog by typing in naked picture somewhere, and was sorely disappointed to find a pic of my bodkin rather than a naked picture of Britney Spears (see below).

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here is Britney without her panties (which i kindly drew in for her), the poor dear. once you get to a certain age your memory starts to go. =P


SzélsőFa said...

Don't care about loosers who are either hiding by being anonimous AND/OR using leet symbols or wtf these are called. I say just go ahead and do what you want - as long as you don't hurt others. Cheers.

that girl said...

Bulb boy is an LED light in a candle society.
He also has a fluffy bodkin.

Vicious Summer said...

Oh yes, the pissy negative comments of "Anonymous". I get those all the time :). I'm usually called a "bitch", "moron" or "slut".

Happy New Year, Loser (aka: BulbBoy)!
Bitchy Moronic Slut (aka: ViciousSummer)