Thursday, December 07, 2006

bulbcat #2

every flashaholic needs a fabulous flashlight protector. here is mine. his name is Raku, and we think that he is a norwegian forest cat. we could be wrong about this as most people think that he resembles a mini panda, or fresian cow.

i personally think that he may have landed from space. he is quite otherworldly with a temperament that is so laid back, he is almost catatonic. the flashlight he guards is my arc led (my favourite torch).

the title of this post bulbcat #2 because, yes, there are more of them. maybe they will make an appearance later. cats are wonderful animals, they enrich your life. that's not rubbish cat lover speak, but stroking a cat can actually lower your blood pressure, and make all things in the world right [and they guard your flashlight :)]. they do touch you (not just to scratch you), and become part of your family. every cat has it's own personality, and can be replaced physically by another cat but will always have a special place in your heart.

this blog entry was a response to Lever's post about his lovely cat Huey, who unfortunately passed away. To Huey.


Vicious Summer said...

Cats are interesting creatures. I'm strictly a doggy mommy now, but there has been talks of a cat being added to the family once we get to Puerto Rico! I'm a sucker for all animals. Even my nephews, who are alien cats. :)

Bulbboy said...

Yashi & Wiggly are adorable, although some say (not saying who though) that they are an aquired taste.