Sunday, December 17, 2006

Light Rainfall - NOT

here, in Scotland, you would think that we would be used to a little rain. apparently not. we talk about it a lot, complain about it a lot, about how it is a dreich horrible day, but over the last few weeks it has been raining more than usual making this festive season distinctly un-festive. christmas just isn't christmas without a frosty nip in the air.

even the erskine bridge had to be shut one day due to adverse weather conditions. drains don't seem to be taking this excess rainfall away, and there has been flooding in areas. getting to work has taken longer, what with the hordes of people rushing out in their multitudes, buying things they don't really need for people they don't really like (i'm not too fond of christmas shopping, have you guessed?).

the police even evacuated our building at work one night afraid that a nearby soft drink factory would lose it's corrugated roof, causing damage, or taking off heads (ok, i've seen too many movies). the roof did come off, at least a small part of it but winds died down before the rest of it could behead anyone. what is happening?

is it global warming? according to Richard Boehm, the chief climatologist at Austria's central institute for meteorology and geo-dynamics in Vienna, "We are now experiencing the warmest period (for this season) in the past 1,300 years." i found out that via a link from ill considered, a blog with lots of useful links about climate science.

are we stuffed? quite possibly. i want the frost back.

watching the cars go over the erskine bridge is rather calming. almost as calming as watching a full moon cross the sky. the photo is from Bulbgirl's flat, one of the best views around i might add. having no television in the flat makes the view, the main focus of the sitting room. seeing the cars pass from one side to the other can be quite meditative, coupled with the red rythmic flashing of the pylon lights.

is it to late for us to go back? who knows, but if you want to help, switch off your television when its not in use, same goes for your lights. switch to some energy saving bulbs around the home, where you can and be happy that you've done your bit.