Monday, November 20, 2006

mug mug mug

ok, final post about this bleedin' mug. here is a picture of the mug that did this damage. why have i posted the same pic 3 times? it is because the mug broke 3 times. this information only came to light recently.

it was a small gift i got Bulbgirl because she liked it. the stripy pattern was very pleasing to the eye and i know that she likes stripy things. apparently number 1 mug broke and she didn't want to tell that she destroyed the gift i got her. replacing the drinking receptacle with an identical one, history was to again repeat itself and number 2 mug went the same way as number 1 mug *kaput*. at this point telling me was really out of the question. only after the third and final smash was i to be told that the mug that did the final damage was actually a third reincarnation.

would i have been told this information if the damage could have been hidden, and the mug replaced again? probably not. what put a spanner in the works? aside from the damage to bulbgirl's finger that was not so easy to hide, was another problem: the mugs are no longer available. maybe plastic isn't so bad.

funnily enough monks left a comment about the mug looking evil, and just days later he was almost attacked by none other than a stripy mug! watch out people, mug karma in action!

question: have you ever told your loved one little white lies, about breakages etc. for their benefit?


ankita tiwari said...

hmmm i have tried loads of white lies for the mere benefit for my loved ones.its just tht i always fall into the mudpool in the end.

Monks said...

ah, north of the border...AND...I would never tell the white lie :-)

Vicious Summer said...

I'm the worst liar ever, so I have to tell the truth to avoid the embarrassment of bad lie telling. :)