Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 1 half way through Day 6

happy new year all!

what did you do on the first day of the year? Bulbgirl and i got half way through day 6. before you have any ideas that we have perfected time travel, or, more likely, are having a nervous breakdown, i'm talking 24.

if you are a fan of 24 starring keifer sutherland you probably call it day 6, non-fans tend to call it series 6. as the powerbook screen is still out of action, we watched it on my parents tv screen. not owning a tv is great but to watch a dvd series our backup portable dvd player doesn't really cut the mustard.

after series 5 ended i couldn't have imagined that the series creators could come up with premise to keep the show running, but they have, and damn good it is too. well, so far anyway. i won't spoil it for you buy giving away any details, but if you haven't checked it out yet, i heartily recommend it. we first got into it a couple of years back, when we were both loaded with the flu at new year time and did nothing but watch the first 3 series of 24. instead of thinking should i watch another episode?, it is so compulsive you start thinking should i watch another disc?

ok i will give away a spoiler: keifer sutherland, a man who knows his way around a good flashlight, and he still hasn't picked one up twelve hours into day 6! :o

have i spoiled it for you now?

Jack Bauer and co:


Vicious Summer said...

I heard that 24 is way addictive. Perhaps I should pick it up, since we have a kick ass TV but no cable...


Happy belated New Year!!!

dressel1981 said...

Hi!!! i love this blog! do you know that we both love cyrano de bergerac?

Lever said...

Happy New Year dude :)

Don't get me started on 24 'cos that's just FAR too much screen time for a life that's already overloaded with stuff to do... :D

Richamation said...

Season/Day 6 is good. Nothing compared to Day 5 though. Would have liked to see Donald Sutherland play the part of his father but the actor they got is pretty good. Alas, season 7 is on hold for a year due to the writers strike but some what I've heard the bad guy's going to be awsome!