Monday, January 07, 2008

Balls to Christmas

so the 12 days of christmas came and went, and so did the feast of the epiphany (and i didn't have a good idea that day). it was time to take down the christmas tree.

last year we didn't put up a tree. in it's place, or so we thought, we placed a wicker-type reindeer, christened, of course, "robbie." we did have a tree this year, but the our little wicker friend also made a reappearance. Bulbgirl had a swedish friend staying over for a week (she was the one who gave us 24 series 6), who informed us that our reindeer was in fact a billy goat. robbie's name quickly changed to billy, although we have in the past called him goldenballs due to the baubles we gave him. bulbcat #3, likes him though she was a little wary at first. she thought he was encroaching on her territory, but eventually got used to going up and giving him a good sniff.

for christmas 2007 we had a small fibreoptic tree. simple but effective, and very hypnotic at night. we didn't have a fairy to stick on the top of it, so i used a figure that i got from ebay, a masters of the universe villain called trapjaw. bat wings were planned but time ran out to make them. not the prettiest of fairies but he did the job.

christmas popped into my head again today after coming across the merry xmas everybody vid by slade. it's strange how it doesn't have the same effect on people after christmas. i suppose that's why they call it seasonal. out with the old and in with the new, looking ahead to valentine's day and easter and all that jazz. i just feel a little cheated as we haven't really had a proper snowfall yet.

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