Saturday, June 30, 2007

First Floatation Tank Experience

my first floatation tank experience was at willow trading near the botanic gardens in Glasgow. my sleeping pattern the previous week was dreadful, but it has been a little better since my flotation experience. a little better is an understatement, much better would be more of an accurate description. i can sleep a whole night! this might not seem much to you but if you've suffered sleeplessness or insomnia, you'll know what i'm talking about.

after being given a brief tour of the tank and what to do, i was left to it. the flotation room had a shower a couple of benches and a door leading in to the flotation tank which is 4 feet x 8 feet, and the flotation tank was 7 feet high. the water is not very deep, only about 10 inches. in the water there is 1000lbs of salt, epsom salt. as well as making you float the epsom salt is supposed to be very good for your skin, and draw out toxins from your body. i was too tired to notice if any toxins were being drawn from my body, and just relaxed floating like a cork.

having not slept the night before, my body temperature was a little on the cool side and i was a little shivery after a quick shower. the water was quite warm getting in though, and when i closed the door the air temperature rose a little as well. earplugs are given to you; as you float your face remains dry but your ears are under the water. music is piped in but soon fades out. the light outside the door fades out too. lying there looking up i noticed the light coming through the door rim, and thougth oh well, not total darkness, so i closed my eyes for a few minutes. the next time i opened them it was totally dark, which was quite disconcerting for a second. just bobbing there, arms floating lightly out to my sides and staring in to a warm, black nothingness was dreamlike but quite unlike anything i had experienced before. i was very tired but seemed strangely alert and wondered if i would sleep in there.

a slight fear was that i wouldn't wake up and the staff would fish my naked floating body, out of the salty water (you can float naked or wear a swimsuit, it's up to you). this fear was unfounded as i did fall asleep, but awoke to the sound of the gentle music being piped in again. if the music doesn't wake you, after a few minutes a water pump gently stirs the water near the edges of the floatation tank to encourage you to get up.

i was still tired as i left for home, but felt a little rejuvenated and trippy also, and of course looking forward to flotation session number 2.


Lever said...

Wow man, that sounds really good. Is it a reasonable price? With being locked in to 3x screens all day in a murky little office and with the Mrs still in the US my own sleep patterns are still pretty crap; always have been but are just totally random at the moment.

So how long were you in there for?

Bulbboy said...

Lever, i was in for about 50 minutes (floating time), you ahve to leave a little time to wash all the saltiness off you.

it's quite reasonable, but i suppose it depends where you go. usually it would be £30 for one visit, but they have a deal: 3 visits for £60.

you've got to try it. just don't rub your eyes!

Vicious Summer said...

Oh! That does sound awesome (and kinda creepy). Sadly, I highly doubt there are any floatation tanks in Puerto Rico...

Bulbboy said...

Summer, try it, i'm sure you'll love it. think i found you one in PR, see here. Rincon to San Juan? that correct? a place called innerspace.

Frank Rodriguez said...

Hey all, I keep tabs on all the US float centers on my website I just talked to Joe at Innerspace and yes, he's still in business. His current email address is Good luck!

Frank Rodriguez